Nico SpA has also been operating for over a decade even in the field relating to the demolition and disposal of industrial plants.


Global Waste Management

Nico SpA’s services in the environmental field include a high level of expertise in the field of environmental protection.


Disposal of Industrial Waste

Nico SpA can assist you in the transportation, removal and disposal of manufacturing and industrial waste


Waste Treatment And Disposal

Nico SpA is recommended by the largest Italian and foreign oil companies, as well as chemical industries that are leaders of importance.


Soil clean-up & Decontamination

Nico SpA is able to satisfy any need related to the cleaning, reclamation and decontamination of industrial sites.


Centrifugation and Waste Minimization Services

Nico SpA has been working for many years in the centrifugation, cleaning and minimization services.


Environmental technology is an extremely important part of many projects.

Health and Safety

Nico SpA has as its main aim, that of operating while protecting the health and safety of its employees and of those visiting their worksites.

HS Policy

The policy of Nico SpA is that all activities are to be carried out protecting the life or property of its employees and for this reason Nico SpA has for many years.